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Although Minecraft wasn’t designed for kids in particular, it has become massively popular among kids of all ages. As of now, there are millions of kids who spend countless hours each week in front of screen building something in their game world. Although the game does have its educational benefits, the game is so addictive that many parents have complained about their kids getting addicted to it.

As a parent, you will only be able to help you kids find some time away from screen when you understand why they like the game in the first place. To get the true idea how the game works, you will have to play the game for yourself.

You can’t really take the game away from your kids. Minecraft can be a healthy activity and that’s why you should try to turn this obsession into something helpful for kids and not try to kill it. You can start by marking clear boundaries of how much time your kids can spend playing this game. For example, you can make them play the game for a couple of hours in the evening and tell them that that’s it. They don’t get more time. If they want more time, make it conditional. Like attach it to some achievements in the real world.

Once your kids start playing Minecraft during dedicated hours, you can help them make the most of this time by helping them to plan and manage resources. They will achieve more progress and build better stuff in the game with your help. Even spending a few hours each day will be extremely rewarding and your kids will be able to create a lot.

Finally, you can help your kids by telling them about the negative effects of too much screen time. Help them understand when it’s not healthy. Help them draw a line for themselves. This will go a long way and your kids will make the best use of their limited screen time.

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Siberian huskies have strong personality that they are not that easy to train or follow repetitive commands as they have a mind of their own. On the other hand, huskies can easily get attached to their owner even to all members of the family, in fact; they are not a huge threat at all even to strangers.

As interesting as they may look, proper caring is a must for Siberian huskies and here are some few points that you want to check before you decide to get one and actually pick husky names in advance.

  1. They love to run – running is their thing and they would do it whenever they have the chance. This is why if you do not have a huge space at home, make sure you bring you husky to the park where in they can be free and be themselves.
  2. They Love to chase – do you have other pets at home such as cats? If yes, be prepared for a chaos as Siberian huskies would love to a moment of chasing most of the time.
  3. They love to dig – as for their natural instincts of digging in the snow, they are likely to do the same in your backyard, so expect a lot of this if you have a garden at home. Better yet, put some fences on to keep them away from your plants at home.
  4. They are noisy – if you are considering a popular name of a singer for husky names that you can choose from, choose the one that can hit high notes as huskies loves to sing. They don’t bark most of the time but they howl from time to time so leaving them in your backyard bored and unsupervised might cause irate neighbors as well.
  5. They shed a lot – pet dander is problem especially when someone from the family is allergic to it such as kids. However, if nobody is, one of the problems that you might have to face everyday is the hair and fur all over the house from your Siberian husky. This specific breed of dog sheds a lot of fur that using your vacuum everyday could be a daily routine when they are around.

Deciding if you are getting a Siberian husky, even other breed if dogs, is very crucial as it requires a lot of caring and discipline form the owner as well. You have to walk your dog, play with them, provide them shelter, buy them healthy foods, bathe them and even buy them clothes and diapers if you wish to go out with them.

Training Siberian Huskies are also recommended but since they have a mind of their own, they also tend to get bored to the same routines at times. However this will also help the owner and the dog to have a better relationship so that they can also have discipline and follow simple orders that they may not cause any trouble at home, who knows, you might even train your husky to help you carry some of your stuff when shopping as they are natural helpers as well.

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If you are planning a wedding and you want to make it a special memory, you might think about renting a vintage wedding car. Antique car rentals New York offers various antique models especially for weddings and executive business trips. You can visit any antique car rental company of your choice to see the list of available models.

When renting an antique car for a wedding, you have three options. You can use it as a mean of transportation for your guests. For that, you will need to rent a lot of vintage cars so make sure you negotiate rates with the antique car rentals New York of your choice.

If you can’t afford renting antique cars for all your guests, you can consider renting for props only. These deals are super cheap and you can easily rent any antique car you want. In this rental deal, you don’t get to drive the antique car. This parked car can add a lot to your wedding and give it a certain style.

When renting an antique car for your wedding, be sure to check rates with different rental companies and see if you can find a cheap deal. Some companies are willing to lower rates for certain models, usually the ones that aren’t as popular as the other ones. If you are low on budget but still want to drive an antique on your wedding, you might consider picking one of those models.

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If you have been an avid Apple user for years, then you probably have the latest iPhone 6s plus or is already planning to buy one very soon. Apple has finally learned how to compete with brands that offers bigger screen size, and with their Plus phones in the market, people just can’t seem to get enough of them.

Apple is definitely one of the most priced phone it the market yet it is also the simplest when it comes to user interface feature, basically, those people who were not that into customizing their phones or too lazy to check on different features would definitely settle for an iPhone.

IPhones are also more popular with women, so you would usually find cute and simple games downloaded on their phones as well with pretty wallpaper themes as well. They also love to download Time Management games that can be played during long hours of wait where ever they go.

With the iPhone’s 5.5 inch screen size, watching movies and playing games are a great experience, not to mention the great camera features of the phone; shooting photos are always fun while captured photos are worth keeping with its sharp and clear features.

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