Licenses don’t necessarily guarantee success. FIFA 64 (N6412 39%) was proof enough of that. But in UEFA Soccer. Ocean appear to have a license and a hugely promising game. Looking a little like Sega’s Virtua Striker (chunky players, a close-in default camera), UEFA boasts 48 European sides as well as 17 different stadiums (all brought to life from actual photographs of the originals), and is being developed in Paris by French software aficionados Power and Magic.

Of course, after the magical motion capture of 15564, developers now have to strive for as much realism as possible and, needless to say, small suction pads have been placed on a number of actual players to garner the necessary logistics. And match

theory is also given an injection of tactical wizardry with the bagging of BBC Scots mouth-monster Alan Hansen who’ll be taking his place in the hotseat marked ‘technical game advisor’.

After FIFA utilized the silken tones of footy’s finest — Lynam, Motson and Gray — (albeit in a rather muffled fashion), it would seem Ocean are seriously restricted on who they can employ to put words to the on-pitch adventure. With a license you’d expect someone of note to take charge, but we can only hope it won’t be Brian Moore.

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