It's amazing to think that the same computer used to balance the family checkbook can produce an even bigger scare. What's required is the addition of a terror-filled, nail-biting, spine-tingling CD like Shivers.

In this new game aimed at teens and adults, players must rely on their wits and raw nerve to survive a nightmarish trip through a surreal, abandoned museum. The goal is to vanquish the ghosts and phantoms that haunt the museum before they steal your life's essence.

Along the way, a series of beads-of-sweat-producing puzzles await, along with chilling moments of live-action video that delivers twists and turns in the plot.

Shivers sets a haunting stage through an eerie original music score and "as seen through your own eyes" graphics. The first-person views are handsomely rendered, you might even say "mystical." But the real draw remains the story.

It tantalizes, draws you in, and-fittingly-gives you the shivers. This is definitely one game that will keep you glued to your seat. Or, at least, the very edge of it.


Players have to spend the night on guard in search of the evil spirits that haunt a sinister, derelict museum.

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