If you have been an avid Apple user for years, then you probably have the latest iPhone 6s plus or is already planning to buy one very soon. Apple has finally learned how to compete with brands that offers bigger screen size, and with their Plus phones in the market, people just can’t seem to get enough of them.

Apple is definitely one of the most priced phone it the market yet it is also the simplest when it comes to user interface feature, basically, those people who were not that into customizing their phones or too lazy to check on different features would definitely settle for an iPhone.

Iphones are also more popular with women, so you would usually find cute and simple games downloaded on their phones as well with pretty wallpaper themes as well. They also love to download games that can be played during long hours of wait where ever they go.

With the iPhone’s 5.5 inch screen size, watching movies and playing games are a great experience, not to mention the great camera features of the phone; shooting photos are always fun while captured photos are worth keeping with its sharp and clear features.

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