The action is hot and heavy in Destruction Derby - your job is to survive.

If you're like our old buddy Muley Web- foot, and believe that driving the straight and narrow in sims like NASCAR Racing isn't as much fun as smashing into other cars at high speeds, this is the game for you. Destruction Derby will put you on a track where the only winner is likely to be the car still able to roll away from the action. But it's a little more complicated than just bashing into your opponents; Destruction Derby uses realistic physics models for all the cars, and drivers must figure out the strategies necessary to avoid collisions that might damage them, while pursuing crashes that'll damage others. Everything is calculated on the fly, so any damage done is remembered and applied to the car for the duration of the race.

There are three overall ways to play the game, depending on whether you value victory more than destruction. You can make a mad dash for the finish line; opt for a full-out destruction derby where the last car moving is the champion; or go for a combination of the two (we call it smash-and-dash). With these three variations, you'll be playing this one for a long, long time - regardless of what kind of driving your in the mood for.

The graphics are superb, and with a replay feature, you can relive that gorgeous ten-car pileup over and over again. Psygnosis has done everything they could to make this title as realistic as possible without sacrificing speed, and we think they've done a fantastic job of just that.