Although Minecraft wasn’t designed for kids in particular, it has become massively popular among kids of all ages. As a parent, you will only be able to help you kids find some time away from screen when you understand why they like the game in the first place. To get the true idea how the game works, you will have to play the game for yourself.

There are millions of kids who spend countless hours each week in front of screen building something in their game world. Although the game does have its educational benefits, the game is so addictive that many parents have complained about their kids getting addicted to it.

You can’t really take the game away from your kids. Minecraft can be a healthy activity and that’s why you should try to turn this obsession into something helpful for kids and not try to kill it. You can start by marking clear boundaries of how much time your kids can spend playing this game. For example, you can make them play the game for a couple of hours in the evening and tell them that that’s it. They don’t get more time. If they want more time, make it conditional. Like attach it to some achievements in the real world.

Once your kids start playing Minecraft during dedicated hours, you can help them make the most of this time by helping them to plan and manage resources. They will achieve more progress and build better stuff in the game with your help. Even spending a few hours each day will be extremely rewarding and your kids will be able to create a lot.

Finally, you can help your kids by telling them about the negative effects of too much screen time. Help them understand when it’s not healthy. Help them draw a line for themselves. This will go a long way and your kids will make the best use of their limited screen time.