The action is hot and heavy in Destruction Derby - your job is to survive.

If you're like our old buddy Muley Web- foot, and believe that driving the straight and narrow in sims like NASCAR Racing isn't as much fun as smashing into other cars at high speeds, this is the game for you. Destruction Derby will put you on a track where the only winner is likely to be the car still able to roll away from the action. But it's a little more complicated than just bashing into your opponents; Destruction Derby uses realistic physics models for all the cars, and drivers must figure out the strategies

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It's amazing to think that the same computer used to balance the family checkbook can produce an even bigger scare. What's required is the addition of a terror-filled, nail-biting, spine-tingling CD like Shivers.

In this new game aimed at teens and adults, players must rely on their wits and raw nerve to survive a nightmarish trip through a surreal, abandoned museum. The goal is to vanquish the ghosts and phantoms that haunt the museum before they steal your life's essence.

Along the way, a series of beads-of-sweat-producing puzzles await, along with chilling moments of live-action video that

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